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She had it all…until she didn’t.Unhappy with her life, Dorsey seeks out an old a Hoodoo woman for help. When she finally has everything she wants, she neglects to pay the woman her requested fee for the services. Suddenly, everything Dorsey has gained is in jeopardy.


They shouldn’t have been here. They shouldn’t have had to struggle. She lost her only hope and it was all his fault.

Zanobie Foretold: Book 1

“My Queen, I have had a most disturbing vision!” Yaba said breathlessly. “Yes?” “It is about the young Princess…” “My Queen,” Yaba began, her eyes shifting as though uncertain about she was about to reveal. “It’s a most disturbing vision. The Ancient Ones have shown me that one day the Princess shall give birth to a girl child who will rescue Zanobie from a time of darkness.” Gasping, Uri covered her mouth. “What is this you say?” Takanda angrily yelled, rocking the now rousing baby in his arms…“…A time will come when our beloved Princess shall become a woman herself and choose a mate. The father of her, the child the Princess will birth shall be unworthy of sitting beside her on the throne, of Zanobie. He shall bring great destruction to our kingdom with his lust for power and control…”What is this destruction that will befall Zanobie and who is going to save the land?

Today, I Feel Ugly: Overcoming Negative Self-Image

Born into an abusive family, the author shares her stories of abandonment and verbal , emotional and physical abuse. The author shares how her family life negatively impacted her life and led to various challenges as she continued to grow into an adult. Through various trials and failures, the author learned how to help herself overcome her low self-image and was eventually able to live a happy, fulfilling life. Now, the author helps others who may be struggling to become confident, happy people.

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Survival looks different for everyone. Life after sexual violence in our words.