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Today, I Feel Ugly: Overcoming Negative Self-Image

Born into an abusive family, the author shares her stories of abandonment and verbal , emotional and physical abuse. The author shares how her family life negatively impacted her life and led to various challenges as she continued to grow into an adult. Through various trials and failures, the author learned how to help herself overcome her low self-image and was eventually able to live a happy, fulfilling life. Now, the author helps others who may be struggling to become confident, happy people.

Born Different: A Woman’s Spiritual Journey of Self-Acceptance

This is the story of a woman born with unique psychic abilities.

She is raised in a household with parents who practice black magic!

She sees things that others do not.

She is misunderstood.

She receives dreams of future events.

She is “Born Diffrent ” and spiritually awakening.

Dr. Candace Nadine Breen, author of “After the Darkness” brings a new riveting autobiography featuring her own journey into self-love.

After The Darkness

A survivor’s TRUE story of childhood incest, rape, abuse, domestic violence , and her ability to overcome the negative impact these events had on her life.

The author shares her story of childhood incest, abuse , rape and domestic violence. She tells of her ability to overcome these events. Adult content.

Moon Child

A young girl discovers who she really is. She is the daughter of the Moon. She is Moon Child.

The Infinite You

Channeled Messages from The Collective

Messages channeled from The Collective through Rev. Candace Nadine Breen.

Read My Story

Survival looks different for everyone. Life after sexual violence in our words.